The only appropriate race car driver costume for a man is one of the replica racing suits. Pretend to be Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Gordon or your favorite Nascar driver in one of these costumes.

Glue leaves to collar of the red shirt How To:

Race Car Driver Costume Ideas and Tips. Race car driving is a serious business. You need to have quick reflexes and nerves of steel. But there is an easier way.
The only appropriate race car driver costume for a man is one of the replica racing suits. Pretend to be Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Gordon or your favorite Nascar driver in one of these costumes.
Homemade Race Car Driver Halloween Costume for Kids If you are looking for a last minute, do-it-yourself Halloween costume for a boy, a simple costume to make is a Race Car Driver Halloween costume for kids.
The only appropriate race car driver costume for a man is one of the replica racing suits. Pretend to be Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Gordon or your favorite Nascar driver in one of these costumes.
Race Car Driver Costumes. Americans love cars. And when it comes to cars, there is nothing more American than racecars. Car racing is exciting, loud and thrilling--not to mention one of the most popular sporting activities out there.

Race Car Driver Costume Ideas and Tips. Race car driving is a serious business. You need to have quick reflexes and nerves of steel. But there is an easier way.

Your little one will look so elegant in this disguise. The feathers are made from cupcake liners and tissue paper and are glued to the tutu. Here comes little miss magnificent with her vibrant blue feathers and her chipper disposition. One fish, two fish, red fish, rainbow fish!

This colorful costume is so easy to make. When gluing, layer the cupcake liners over each other, row by row, to really emphasize the scale effect. For the hat, cut a ping pong ball in half and color it with black marker. Add each half to the top of a red cap and then attach more cupcake liners. A Roaring Twenties revival: Dancing her way around the neighborhood with a bob cut, strands of pearls and a hot pink dress that, well, we made for twirling. The fringe on the dress is made from something totally unique: Use fringe scissors or regular scissors to cut slits on the sticky notes and attach rows and rows of them onto the dress with metallic tape.

Get the Flapper Costume How-to. This seafarer is sure to reel in compliments and candy! Accessorize by buying toy fish and maybe even a bucket hat. Of course, the kids will love this fun costume, but adults will get a kick out of the clever play on words. To create the plumed top, cut and glue a marabou boa to the body of a hooded sweatshirt. Get the Jailbird Costume How-to. Dress him up as a lightning cloud. When Halloween strikes, this fierce dude will bolt from house to house making a serious dent in the neighborhood candy supply.

Glue polyester fiber to the front of a white crewneck sweatshirt and white cap. This is a sweet twist on a classic costume that requires a few frilly strands of ribbon to make those funny bones at home.

Plus, this costume works for just about any age group—from babies to even adults if the whole family wants to match. Get the Skeleton Costume How-to. Beware of the multicolored, three-eyed monster on the loose. This scary disguise comes together with streamers, cupcake liners, and felt, Ping-Pong balls, and matching hooded sweatshirt and pants. Add streamers to the cuffs of the sweatshirt and the knees of the pants. Create razor-sharp teeth with white felt glued to the hood and add a couple of eyes to the top of the hood with Ping-Pong balls.

Get the Sea Monster Costume How-to. Have a wish or two or three. Create a jacket with a long sleeve shirt cropped and cut down the middle, then attach gold jacket fasteners.

The hat is a gold party hat with scarves attached. Get the Genie Costume How-to. What You Need Track suit Checkered duct tape available at amazon. Using the checkered tape, add a stripe along the sides of each arm, from collar to wrist. Starting from the waist and running down to the cuff, add a stripe with the checkered tape. Cut ribbon to desired length of flag. Snip feathers from the boa. Glue bunches to the sleeves of the shirt and to the chest area.

Cut ping pong ball in half and color with black sharpie. Glue to the sides of the baseball cap. Using the white felt, cut a zigzag pattern for the teeth. Attach with glue around the inside edge of the hood. Using paper and pencil, create teardrop shapes. This will be your template for the seeds. Apply with paint all over the shirt and pants. Create leaf pattern on green felt. Glue green pipe cleaners to the underside of the green felt.

Wrap pipe cleaners around tip of the beanie cap. Glue leaves to the beanie cap. Glue 4 tabs of felt about 2" long to the bottom of each antennae and use these to secure the antennae to the hood by gluing them on with fabric glue. Fold cupcake liners in half or cut them in half. Starting from the bottom of the shirt and working your way up, glue them to the shirt, layering them length-wise. For the cape, apply liners in the same fashion, starting at the bottom edge of the cape and layering them length-wise as you make your way around the cape.

Bundle feathers together and wrap them with wire, followed by ribbon. Attach ribbon at the base of the headband securing with hot glue. Wrap the wire securely around the headband.

Working from bottom to top, glue to the bodice of a dress or shirt. Layer the liners length-wise, alternating colors. Fold cupcake liners in half and layer them length wise along the bottoms of leggings, layering lengthwise and alternating colors. Fold cupcake liners in half and glue the largest cupcake liner in the middle of the tiara and the smaller liners on either side.

Hot glue starfish to each of the liners. Add velcro to the ends of the capelet for a closure. Cut 1" pieces of pipe cleaner in alternating colors and glue them to the capelet with fabric glue. For the marshmallow sauce, glue 1" lengths of cut pipe cleaner to the brown tutu with fabric glue.

Glue the fishnet to the leggings waistband to secure. Cut a piece of brown felt into a 5" circle and make the edges wavy like sauce. Add a piece of brown pleated trim around the edge, securing with fabric glue.

Cover the styrofoam ball with glitter and stick a red pipe cleaner in the top for the stem. Glue the entire thing along the base of the brown felt to the headband. Fold coffee filters in half and glue to cardboard wings making layers. Glue to both sides of each wing. Glue wings to the back of the leotard at an angle. Then glue ribbon in the center where both wings come together for decoration. Cover 1 chopstick with aluminum tape. Glue silver Christmas garland to the top.

Glue silver Christmas garland to white headband. Start with the headphones upside down. Glue and tape cable sleeve to the top center of the headphones. Cut the arms off the sweatshirt. Glue cotton balls to the sweatshirt. Tape the wrist of the undershirt and ankles of the pants with thick black tape. Cut ears from black felt and glue to beanie cap. Glue small yellow petals to pink petals. Then glue these to the tip of the hat creating the center of the flower. Cut the front center of the brown sweatshirt vertically from the bottom to the collar.

Make wings out of wire hangers and tights: Shape hangers into a wing shape and then stretch tights over the hanger. Glue felt hearts to these wings. Cut hearts out of glittered or plain red paper. Glue hearts to pipe cleaners and wrap the pipe cleaner around the headband. What You Need Turquoise leotard, tutu, tights Turquoise straws Turquoise tissue paper Gold, turquoise, and blue cupcake liners Headband Pipe cleaners Blue mini pompoms Turquoise ribbon about 1 yard. Wrap headband in blue ribbon and glue to secure on each end.

Flatten and cut gold and turquoise cupcake liners into teardrop shapes. Glue turquoise to center bottom of gold liner. Flatten and cut a small pie slice shape from the dark blue mini cupcake liner. Glue it to the turquoise liner. Glue one sheet of cut tissue paper to either side of a straw. Then glue cupcake liner portion to the top of the straw tissue paper.

Cut tutu in the front center from bottom to the waist do not cut the waistband. Glue feathers to the tutu with cupcakes facing down in a zigzag pattern. Cut blue pipe cleaners inches in length and glue to headband. Glue blue small pompoms to the top of the pipe cleaners. Glue cupcake liner part to the top of the straw tissue paper. Then glue feathers to the tutu in a fan pattern. What You Need Red crewneck sweatshirt and pants Red hat Hot glue gun Scissors Black marker Cupcake liners in assorted colors red, orange, yellow, blue, green, blue purple Ping Pong ball.

Open and flatten cupcake liners. Starting from the bottom, glue cupcake liners to the sweatshirt. Begin with a row of purple, then work your way through the rainbow. Cut ping pong ball in half and add eyes with the black marker. Make sure to leave a little white on the ends. Glue eyes to red cap; set aside to dry. Fold four red cupcake liners in half and glue a pair next to each ball. Cut slits in Post-it notes every inches using fringe scissors or regular scissors. Open 2 mini cupcake liners and staple in the center.

Cover the staple with a gold dot sticker. Glue to the top of the dress as decoration. Glue 1 fringed Post it and flattened mini cupcake liner to the headband.

Make Fishing Pole 1. Cut hole in center of toilet paper roll and stick dowel through the hole. Glue ribbon to the top center of the dowel leave extra ribbon hanging like a fishing pole. Wrap the remaining ribbon around the toilet paper roll and tape it down. Cut marabou and glue to the body of the hooded sweatshirt. Leave the sleeves bare. Alternate between white and black to create stripes. Glue yellow baseball cap to the inside of the hooded sweatshirt. Only the bill of the cap should be exposed.

Glue Polyester Fiber to the front of the white sweatshirt. Glue Polyester Fiber to the front of the cap. Cut aluminum tape in the shape of lightning bolts. Glue lightning bolts to pants. Cut and glue ribbon to the shirt and pants. Cut and glue strips of ribbon for the spine, ribs, arm, and leg bones.

Attach streamers to the cuffs of the pants and top. Fold the cupcake liners in half and glue cupcake liners along the sleeves in a line. Nationwide Nascar Jacket 88 a Sportswear Coat. Racer Costume — Small — Dress Size Are you ready for Halloween ? Funtober has listed hundreds of costume ideas and thousands of Halloween costumes for sale this year.

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The regular and smart fit of this embroidered jacket makes it highly preferable. Snap-up front of this jacket. Let this embroidered jacket be your go-to option this season.

It will fit right in with all of your other tees, hats and jackets. Look like one of the crew with this Uniform T-Shirt! Short Sleeves with Colorful Printed Graphics.

Stretch Fit Crew Crew Neck. Great Addition to any Tony Stewart Collection. Blue designer jacket features pit crew collar and snap-up front of this jacket includes 2 outside pockets and 1 inside pocket. Design Dale Earndardt Jr.

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