This throw offers the unmistakable look of a handmade blanket. The extra-large knit is so thick and chunky it's like you hit the 'zoom' button on your favorite cable knit sweater. The multi-pattern knit is made from ultra-soft acrylic yarn for medium warmth without the worry of wool allergies.

On all odd numbered rows WS , work each stitch as presented. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Irish Aran Blankets & Throws Knitted from pure merino wool, using old Irish cable stitching, our throws are available in a range of attractive patterns. Made in Ireland and shipped to the USA, the Aran throw is a tasteful and practical gift for every home.
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80cm x cm - This size can comfortably wrap around your upper body or legs. Perfect for you and your other half to snuggle up in. cm x cm - This size is movie size. Great for dimming the lights, getting under and watching your weekend movies.
Shop the latest Clearance Blankets & Throws at Read customer reviews on Clearance and other Blankets & Throws at We use JavaScript to create the most functional website possible for our customers. JavaScript enables you to fully navigate and make a purchase on our site. If disabled the content or the functionality of the.
Shop the latest Clearance Blankets & Throws at Read customer reviews on Clearance and other Blankets & Throws at We use JavaScript to create the most functional website possible for our customers. JavaScript enables you to fully navigate and make a purchase on our site. If disabled the content or the functionality of the.
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Blanket Sizes Chart & Calculator. I’m always asked, “How big should I make a ?” Fill in the blank: throw, stroller blanket, lovey. I compiled the Blanket Sizes Chart as a guide to average measurements for blankets and afghans.

Then go for it! Love the color she chose! Her arm knit throw DIY is perfect for beginners, and she did this in about an hour and a half! She has one of the first, and still best arm knitting videos out there. If you are ready to get a little fancier, learn how to arm knit a basket weave from her while you are there.

The blue one, below. Look at that texture! You have to go check out the yarn she found to use…. Also good basic tips on yarn, technique, etc…. This last one is for those of you who want to go all out with high quality wool, she has a resource for you!

Still not as expensive as buying one! Beautiful with Australian wool! Let us know in comments if you make one, and how it turned out! This has become one of our most popular posts for a reason! Love the great texture and luxe feel of these arm knit chunky throw blankets? You might also like our post on DIY faux fur projects!

Decorating with home textiles is a great way to simply transform a room, while also providing a function. Kathy, Thanks so much for sharing my post! I Love it so much. It was easy to make, so have fun making yours. If you have any questions let me know. My blog post has a few tips that I learnt along the way! Find the directions on SimplyMaggie. Anyone else having trouble?

I have followed this 4 times. I can do the other arm stitches on Youtube. Hi Maggie great tutorial I slightly changed mine and used my chunky machine to knit a 3 stitch wide I cord in chunky and multi strands of different thicknesses in all different shades of pink anything I could find and am so happy with the way it turned out so thanks for the inspiration.

You can make the most amazing arm knitted blankets See this tutorial and I never have enough blankets! Make some stuff to decorate your dorm room, or for last […]. How much yard did it take you to make a blanket this size. I want to make one a bit larger but not sure how many yards to purchase. It will look just a tad less chunky and full but will certainly work.

I searched pinterest and found a fantastic tutorial by Maggie over at Simply Maggie here. I so love this! We shared this on our blog and I am hoping to try it next week!

Thank You for the inspiration!!! Was wondering if you could make me one??? In the beige colour. Do you have a tutorial on how to make cushion covers like this? I understand he cast off. And why does it become loose like that? I crochet but this is my first time arm knitting and knitting. Hey Maggie, thanks for the great tutorial. Heard about arm knitting from a co-worker but, just never got around to trying it.

Saw yours and, bingo. Also, I wanted a wider blanket so I did 30 stitches across. Might be a little too wide. Another thing, being a man, my arms are just a bit bigger than yours. This might just start me knitting proper. Could never get the hang of it before.

Chunky knit items for the home are so fashionable at the moment. Arm knitting is so easy and this step by step video tutorial is eay to follow. Or can you suggest and alternative? Do you know where to get it cheap or do you have your own promo code or anything? I love how this table turned out! They grey was a perfect color choice for the chairs. It goes nicely with the table without feeling too matchy. I am using red heart grande super bulky 6.

I hv tried 10, 8,7. I get about 30 cast on stitches. And hv a ton of tail left. Please advise on tail length, cast on stitches and how many stitches I need to arm knit.

As well advise how many skeins I would need. I hv 4 now. Using 2 at a time. Plus they are ridiculously quick project — you could be curled up on the couch with your new blanket in 45 minutes! We found this tutorial on Simply Maggie. There is no way I can make an arm knitted rug with it. I finished my first blanket tonight. I only used 6 skeins and I got the same size blanket you made. I tried to make the stitches as tight as possibke in my arm but for a first try I think it turned out OK.

Do you know where to buy the merino wool and how much is needed to make a similar size blanket? I think that might work better for me. I was wondering what is the largest sized blanket you have ever arm knit?

I have a queen bed that I would love to arm knit a throw blanket for but worried it might be impossible. Thanks for your inspiration! Awesome tutorial — took me about an hour and a half — just because I was watching a football game while I worked though! So I have tried this several times but keep ending up with yarn that wont tighten up after the first row.

If you have any pointers I would be incredibly grateful! I have been wanting to arm knit a comfy blanket for so long! Thank you for the tutorial. After you cast on your stitches and you begin knitting your rows, the first stitch will be tricky to tighten. Make sure you pay close attention to how I tighten it in my video.

Could you give an estimation of how many yards of yarn were needed? I want to make sure I have enough. I have some severe medical issues and doing this this way might not work so well for me. My daughter has been wanting one of these blankets and even if it takes my last breath, I will get one made for her in time for Christmas. Very Very few can afford to buy Merino wool at the price it is.

Getting a rich man into Heaven will be like getting a camel threw the eye of a needle. Hi there, if I use less skeins of yarn 9 what would the dimensions of the blanket be approximately? Knit a blanket in just 45 minutes using your arms as the needles! Purchase a handmade blanket or download the pattern here Here is the step by step video tutorial by Simply Maggie: August 18th, by Maggie.

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Bex March 28, at 9: Christa March 31, at 6: Maggie April 7, at Filicia June 5, at 3: Matt January 29, at 4: Gemma June 21, at 7: Mary October 13, at 7: Jackie September 30, at 5: Jolie October 8, at 5: Cari March 1, at 6: Melody April 10, at 1: Emma April 19, at 9: Maggie May 29, at 7: Kim May 30, at Maggie June 1, at 8: Cheryl January 8, at 4: Tails July 9, at Kim May 30, at 3: Lisa May 31, at 4: Kaila July 29, at 1: Maggie July 29, at 6: Melia April 5, at 9: Julie June 17, at 8: Maggie June 18, at 8: I used 11 Skeins.

Ashley June 30, at Maggie July 8, at 2: Charley November 25, at Clkeck l March 12, at 7: My Etsy Shop simplymaggie. Sue July 24, at 7: Tempest August 3, at 7: Maggie August 5, at 7: Ronni October 4, at 6: Maggie November 9, at 9: AV January 8, at 4: Isela August 10, at 5: Lauren December 13, at 3: Judy August 12, at Judy August 13, at 6: Mary February 12, at 4: Mandu May 9, at 7: Hayley M August 14, at 6: Ally August 30, at Maggie September 4, at 9: Amie Reed Gribbon September 16, at 1: Stephanie September 26, at 6: Maggie October 24, at 6: Claire November 26, at 5: SLR September 28, at 7: Maggie October 4, at 4: If so it will work.

Chunky will work as well. Jennifer September 30, at 2: Kristen November 28, at 5: Pam January 28, at 8: Kate October 9, at Christy October 11, at Maggie October 15, at 6: Michelle July 31, at 5: Lisa October 14, at 7: Skylar October 14, at 7: Amanda October 17, at Stephanie Luke October 17, at 4: Alex October 18, at Jayme January 26, at 1: Bella October 19, at 2: Sandy Freeman October 19, at 3: Hannah January 7, at 6: Janet October 19, at 5: Lynzie Gallo October 20, at 5: Have you ever used different colored skeins?

If so how did they turn out? But others have and they look nice. Ana October 23, at 5: Easy arm blanket Just Be Creative October 24, at 4: Whitney October 25, at Can you wash this blanket? Maggie October 29, at 7: No the ends never came out. Krish December 18, at 3: Gloria December 25, at 7: Patti Clifton October 27, at 4: Maria October 29, at 9: Carrie November 1, at Can I get it at micheals craft store? Maggie November 6, at 9: Kim Breedon January 28, at 7: Maggie November 6, at 8: Robyn November 4, at 8: Brenda November 5, at 9: Brenda November 6, at Brenda November 6, at 3: Donna November 9, at 3: Amy November 10, at Genie November 11, at Kristen November 11, at 2: Olivia November 15, at 8: Sofie November 17, at 9: Sarah November 17, at 9: Penni November 17, at Rennee November 17, at 6: Tina November 17, at 8: Dalacy November 18, at Erin November 19, at 1: Margi Carroll November 20, at 8: Saralynn November 22, at 1: Anh November 23, at 3: Holly November 23, at 9: Anna November 23, at Janine November 24, at 4: Amber November 24, at 5: Terra November 24, at Katherine November 26, at 8: Lily September 9, at Maggie September 10, at 9: Maggie December 2, at 8: Wells November 30, at 4: Inexpensive Handmade Gifts December 1, at 1: Molly December 1, at Haidi December 2, at Haidi December 2, at 3: Maggie December 17, at 8: Kayla December 2, at 8: Kimberly December 4, at 5: Linnéa Olsson December 5, at 3: Charlotta December 7, at 3: Amy December 7, at 6: Is there a way to do a pearl stich on their blanket?

Melissa December 8, at 3: Kayla December 8, at Brittany December 9, at 8: Maggie December 17, at 7: Madison December 9, at 8: To knit the first row, take the free end of the yarn set the tail aside and loop that yarn around your hand. Then, insert this loop into the first loop on your right arm. As you pull the loop through, slide the old loop off your right arm and slide the new loop onto your left arm. Transfer the stitches back to the right arm for your second row. As you knit using your arms, you will be transferring the stitches from one arm to the other.

That means that if you started on your right arm, then you will be transferring the stitches over to your left arm by the end of the first row, and then back to your right arm by the end of the second row. Bind off the stitches. You will need to bind off the stitches to finish the blanket. As with knitting using needles, you will be casting off by knitting the first two loops and then pulling each loop through the one that is behind it.

Then, stop knitting and grasp the first loop in your row with your fingers. Pull this loop up and over the second loop on your hand so that it is secured and you only have one loop on your hand. To continue casting off, follow the pattern of knitting one and looping the first loop over the second loop until you reach the end of the row. As you cast off, you should never have more than two loops on your casting off arm.

Weave in the ends. After you have cast off the final loop, pull the free end of the yarn through the loop. Then, weave the tail end of the yarn through the loops on the edge of the blanket to hide it.

Trim off any excess yarn from the tail and your blanket is complete! I have never sewn anything in my life, but want to try this. Would this be a good project, or should I try something smaller? I have difficulty finishing projects. You could try, but it is a big commitment, as the yarn for arm knitting is rather expensive. I recommend trying normal knitting first, because it is something that you can leave and come back to time and time again.

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Knit Throw Blankets: Add a touch of warmth to your bed with a craftily placed throw blanket. The knit throw blanket won't need to be folded in any certain way, as the more fluidity the blanket has to just lay over the furniture, the more decorative it looks. Want to use a decorative, knitted blanket . Product Features This throw blanket boasts a textured, zig zag pattern throughout the blanket.