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On refrigerators with Sabbath Mode, activating this mode will turn off interior lights (or keep them always on and dimmed), control panel display, ice/water dispenser, sounds, icemaker, and any advanced features (ex. Door Alarm).
Enterprise Mode and the Enterprise Mode Site List XML file The Enterprise Mode Site List is an XML document that specifies a list of sites, their compat mode, and their intended browser. Using Enterprise Mode Site List Manager (schema v.2), you can automatically start a webpage using a specific browser.
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Microsoft release official fix for Intel Audio Driver “No Sound” issue due to Windows Update

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Entries marked with an asterisk are the currently displayed fields, screen width permitting. Any window that has been scrolled horizontally will be reset if any field changes are made via the Fields Management screen.

Any vertical scrolled position, however, will not be affected. Listed below is a brief index of commands within categories. Some commands appear more than once -- their meaning or scope may vary depending on the context in which they are issued.

The global interactive commands are always available in both full-screen mode and alternate-display mode. However, some of these interactive commands are not available when running in 'Secure mode'. If you want to know in advance whether or not your top has been secured, ask for help and view the system summary on the second line.

The summary area interactive commands are always available in both full-screen mode and alternate-display mode. They affect the beginning lines of your display and will determine the position of messages and prompts. If the entire summary area has been toggled Off for any window, you would be left with just the message line.

The following commands will also be influenced by the state of the global ' B ' bold enable toggle. If you want to increase the size of the last visible task display when in alternate-display mode, decrease the size of the task display s above it. For compatibility, this top supports most of the former top sort keys.

Since this is primarily a service to former top users, these commands do not appear on any help screen. Before using any of the following sort provisions, top suggests that you temporarily turn on column highlighting using the ' x ' interactive command. That will help ensure that the actual sort environment matches your intent. The following interactive commands will only be honored when the current sort field is visible.

The sort field might not be visible because:. The following interactive commands will always be honored whether or not the current sort field is visible.

Field sorting uses internal values, not those in column display. In full-screen mode there is a single window represented by the entire screen. That single window can still be changed to display 1 of 4 different field groups see the ' g ' interactive command, repeated below. Each of the 4 field groups has a unique separately configurable summary area and its own configurable task area. In alternate-display mode, those 4 underlying field groups can now be made visible simultaneously, or can be turned Off individually at your command.

The summary area will always exist, even if it's only the message line. At any given time only one summary area can be displayed. However, depending on your commands, there could be from zero to four separate task displays currently showing on the screen. A further complication arises when you have toggled the first summary area line Off.

With these scrolling keys, you can move that view vertically or horizontally to reveal any desired task or column. You can use these interactive commands to locate a task row containing a particular value. Whenever a search key is typed, top forces idle tasks On and user filtering Off to ensure that every task is encountered. The presence of this file will influence which version of the 'help' screen is shown to an ordinary user.

More importantly, it will limit what ordinary users are allowed to do when top is running. They will not be able to issue the following commands. The system configuration file is not created by top. Its name must be 'toprc' and must have no leading '. It must have only two lines. Use the ' W ' interactive command to create it or update it. Here is the general layout:. Many of these 'tricks' work best when you give top a scheduling boost.

So plan on starting it with a nice value of , assuming you've got the authority. Home Help Linux and Unix. Linux top command Updated: About top top syntax Related commands Linux and Unix commands help. Was this page useful? Batch-mode operation Starts top in 'Batch' mode, which could be useful for sending output from top to other programs or to a file.

In this mode, top will not accept input and runs until the iterations limit you've set with the ' -n ' command-line option, or until killed.

Thus, if top was displaying command lines, now that field will show program names, and visa versa. See the ' c ' interactive command for additional information. Delay-time , where interval is represented as: Later this can be changed with the ' d ' or ' s ' interactive commands. Fractional seconds are honored, but a negative number is not allowed. In all cases, however, such changes are prohibited if top is running in 'Secure mode', except for root unless the ' s ' command-line option was used.

Threads-mode operation Instructs top to display individual threads. Without this command-line option a summation of all threads in each process is shown. Later this can be changed with the ' H ' interactive command. Idle-process toggle Starts top with the last remembered ' i ' state reversed.

When this toggle is Off, tasks that have not used any CPU since the last update will not be displayed. Number of iterations Specifies the maximum number of iterations, or frames, top should produce before ending. Monitor-PIDs mode , specified as: Monitor only processes with specified process IDs. This option can be given up to 20 times, or you can provide a comma delimited list with up to 20 pids.

Co-mingling both forms is permitted. A pid value of zero will be treated as the process id of the top program itself once it is running. This command-line option only and should you want to return to normal operation, it is not necessary to quit and restart top -- just issue any of these interactive commands: The ' p ', ' u ' and ' U ' command-line options are mutually exclusive.

Secure-mode operation Starts top with secure mode forced, even for root. This mode is far better controlled through the system configuration file see topic 6.

Cumulative-time toggle Starts top with the last remembered ' S ' state reversed. When 'Cumulative time' mode is On , each process is listed with the cpu time that it and its dead children have used.

See the ' S ' interactive command for additional information regarding this mode. User-filter-mode Display only processes with a user id or user name matching that given. The ' -u ' option matches the effective user whereas the ' -U ' option matches on any user real, effective, saved, or filesystem. Otherwise, width will be fixed at the maximum columns. With an argument, output width can be decreased or increased up to but the number of rows is considered unlimited. With an argument, output width can only be decreased, not increased.

Whether using environment variables or an argument with -w, when not in 'Batch' mode actual terminal dimensions can never be exceeded. Without the use of this command-line option, output width is always based on the terminal at which top was invoked whether or not in 'Batch' mode. Refresh-Display These commands awaken top and following receipt of any input the entire display will be repainted.

They also force an update of any hotplugged cpu or physical memory changes. Use either of these keys if you have a large delay interval and wish to see current status. Help There are two help levels available. The first will provide a reminder of all the basic interactive commands. If top is secured, that screen will be abbreviated. Typing ' h ' or '? Exit-Task-Limits Removes restrictions on which tasks are shown. This command will reverse any ' i ' idle tasks and ' n ' max tasks commands that might be active.

It also provides for an 'exit' from pid monitoring and user filtering. See the ' -p ' command-line option for a discussion of PID monitoring and the ' U ' or ' u ' interactive commands regarding user filtering.

Additionally, any window that has been scrolled will be reset with this command. Alternate-Display-Mode toggle This command will switch between full-screen mode and alternate-display mode. While it is intended primarily for use with dumb terminals, it can be applied anytime. When this toggle is On and top is operating in monochrome mode, the entire display will appear as normal text. Thus, unless the ' x ' or ' y ' toggles are using reverse for emphasis, there will be no visual confirmation that they are even on.

What can I do? Now press start and wait. Not Helpful 12 Helpful My phone's battery is going down rapidly, and my phone switches off and on automatically. What could this be? Your battery is probably inflated, leaked or damaged. Remove the cover and check to see your battery for any visible defects. You'll probably need a replacement. Not Helpful 13 Helpful Yes, you can receive calls in safe mode as long as you have cell phone coverage.

Not Helpful 28 Helpful Turn your device off, pull the battery out, reinsert it, and power up your device. Turn off your computer, remove the battery, then plug in the battery and boot your computer.

Not Helpful 22 Helpful If restarting and uninstalling apps does not work, you should back up your data and factory reset your phone. Not Helpful 36 Helpful When your restart to safe mode, third-party apps you installed are not available only system apps are available in safe mode until you restart to regular mode. You can still receive all calls and messages. You will see the words "Safe Mode" at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Not Helpful 5 Helpful 7. How can I get my Samsung tablet out of safe mode if even restarting and factory data reset did not work? Some Samsung devices provide the option to get out of safe mode pretty easily. Just click on the turn off button once. Then you see "remove safe mode" or something similar.

Do not actually turn off your device. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 2. How do I turn off safe mode on my Android phone without the restore menu? Hold the power button and reset your phone. Everything will still be there and safe mode will be disabled. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. How to remove safe mode on android 5. Answer this question Flag as How can I remove safe mode on a Galaxy A5?

My HTC M7 is asking for a reboot, and takes a long time to reboot. How do I fix it? How I can remove safe mode from screen on my Android? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Warnings Safe Mode is a system response to an error or malware on your Android.

If your Android is repeatedly booting into Safe Mode, don't ignore it. Article Info Featured Article Categories: Featured Articles Android In other languages: Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 2,, times. Is this article up to date? Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

J John May 27, It's been a week trying to remove Safe Mode because my volume down button doesn't work for some reason, so taking battery out for a good minute worked great.

Thanks, wikiHow is awesome! PL Prianna Lutchman Jul 8, Also deleting a recent app before applying this step helped. Thank you so much. VW Vernon Wong Mar 20, SI Selima Ibrahim Sep 21, Thanks all, really helpful. KW Kendawg Wolf Jan 20, Couldn't get it off. Up and running again. DA David Adams Feb 2, CG Cailyn Groves Oct 22,

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