In Windows 10, you can always count on having your maps available by storing your maps offline, on both your PC and phone. From the Maps Settings page, choose Download a Map and pick the regions of the world you’d like to store offline.

They said the lady who helped me out with the phones she did sent an email. Check out these great new features: Then they didnt give us any credit for another phone because of a cracked screen yet they kept the device.

T-Mobile vs AT&T - Read a comparison of T-Mobile wireless service and AT&T wireless service. Thank you to everyone on here, I am now going to stick with T-mobile. I work at a cell phone store that carries both, (and SPRINT) and am now out of contract, but this post has thoroughly convinced me to stick with T-mobile.
How to unlock your iPhone on T-Mobile Happy with your iPhone but not with T-Mobile. Get the key to freedom! Luke Filipowicz. 29 Apr 9 You also have the option of hitting up your nearest T-Mobile store and asking in-person.
T-Mobile and Team Rubicon have teamed up this baseball postseason to help with hurricane recovery. For every home run, T-Mobile will donate $5, to Team K.
* Galleria at Sunset – A Best Buy Mobile store at this mall in Henderson, NV. * Marks Street – A full sized store next to the Galleria at Sunset mall in Henderson. * Arroyo Crossing Parkway – A full-sized store at the Arroyo Market Square mall.
Find a MetroPCS® store near you. Use the locator to find the closest cell phone store or shop nearby or to get hours of operation for locations.
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* Galleria at Sunset – A Best Buy Mobile store at this mall in Henderson, NV. * Marks Street – A full sized store next to the Galleria at Sunset mall in Henderson. * Arroyo Crossing Parkway – A full-sized store at the Arroyo Market Square mall.

Yet, their map shows the entire region saturated with LTE. In some of those areas, my son gets better signal on his T-Mobile phone. Real area customers are very few and cover vast spaces. I've been with T-Mobile for more that 3 years. Verizon has gone down hill! For over a year now I've gotten about 2gb speeds in a major city. They have explained that their tower is overloaded. They even refunded me one month because I complained enough. Verizon has lost their ability to keep up in this city, it's pathetic!

I think you mean 5G, which is supposed to only start deployment in either or Nothing like that all. The speeds you mentioned you're getting on your phone are actually in MBs. So 2Gbps is the equivalent of about MBps which is about what we expect 5G to be around.

Looking at the maximum download speeds, it looks like there's a 2x jump every two years or so—from Mbps in , to Mbps in , and now to Mbps. LTE has more to give. In and , we're hoping to see those speeds from carriers here in the US. By and , we're going to have 5G phones. Demos I've seen at Qualcomm have shown the potential for speeds of 4 gigabits and up to each device. That will potentially enable real-time group VR and other science fiction-like experiences.

We'll keep testing, just to make sure. This writer of this story sounds like a fanboy of Verizon. Each person should check and decide by testing out there own area and then choose. I live in Pocatello now I live next to a Tmobile tower so we use Tmobile.

You wont actually know until you go there or have a friend living there. I wasnt going to get straddled with crappy phone service for two years.

I paid 75 to for all 3. If your going to pay plus for a phone that cost is minimal and allows you to get the most from your phone. Did you even see the map? Of course your provider is telling you that their towers are overloaded cause of too much connectivity. You don't even need to complaint in the first place since you get 2GB speeds.

It's better to have connectivity than having none. While we are over here living in with mb speeds, you are over there living in with 2gb speeds. I don't think this really sums up the totality of the circumstances. I know in the last year my VZW has steadily declined to the point where it's nigh unusable. The gaping hole is that all this is still not even including the 30 Mhz of spectrum that T-mobile purchased from coast to coast. Between the actual bandwidth that it represents and the fact that it's low frequency long distance and building penetrating means that T-mobile is going to be killing everyone else over the next two years.

That you can bet money on. You can talk all you want about coverage area, but Verizon's congested 'bottleneck' of a network is simply getting worse and worse every day. I'm in a large metropolitan area, and during business hours I average less than 0.

My son has Verizon, he drops way more calls than I do with Sprint, almost once every 10 minutes, especially lately. Never with other Sprint customers and never with TMobile, never. I sometimes wonder if they intentionally do that during Sprint-Verizon calls to artificially make the other system look weak. I wouldn't put anything past Verizon, they are just too dishonest.

Where I am, there aren't any Sprint towers for around miles, Sprint customers roam off of Verizon towers here, but they're behind Verizon customers in order of who gets access to towers.

I'll take dropped calls over no service any day. But, my business takes me to the highways and biways of Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

There is no way to do consistent business on TMob or Sprint. Only the two high cost and high coverage carriers are legit options. When's the last time you tried them? I went around Louisiana and Alabama on i10 last November and t mobile was amazing, granted two years prior I'd still be on edge, but now I got consistent LTE even in swampland.

I dialed to speak to a rep and a supervisor because they can't afford to have a manager on staff. Told them that I have been given broken promises from T-Mobile; aside from all that, I have upgraded my phone to the S4 online and was told that it would be delivered bus days for the standard shipping.

I purchased the phone online on the 29th, called to confirm on the 30th at 1: Basically, your shipping doesn't start until you approve what approval So now, not only am I waiting business days; but an additional 3 days from the time of purchased. So I said, "Fine, I will call back again tomorrow since you can't say or help me because you guys don't have the phone yet.

Please clearly notate my account that I have spoken with you in regards to the purchase and shipping agreement. My co-worker asked me if I ordered the phone because we are both getting the same phone. So now, I am heated. Not only have I been treated poorly; I am now being lied to. I decided to call and have someone look into this situation. All that T-Mobile said is "I am sorry. That's all that I am asking. Now, the supervisor said that my shipping label is already in processed or printed, there is nothing that she can do.

How about expediting my shipping or crediting my account for the frustration and the inconveniency and the lies that I have been getting. You asked if there's a corporate office or a headquarter that I can address my frustration and the service that I was getting, T-Mobile said that you can email the customer service line.

No offense, if it is with the customer service that I am having, what makes you think I will email Customer Service. Not someone who is there to say I Am Sorry and write notes on my account. Please take a note that you are about to post a public review about T-Mobile corporate office on CorporateOffice.

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